Our Story

The Hedland Collective conversation began with a community consultation to understand key challenges in Hedland, including looking at existing strengths and efforts, and the assets required to address the challenges.

Through a series of workshops and meetings, the community identified three priority areas for collaboration:

Hedland Collective aims to be adaptable and nimble, respond to community needs, and complement ongoing community efforts. Over the next several years, the Hedland Collective will act as the backbone to the collaborative effort.

Our Vision and Guiding Principles

Members of the Hedland community have pathways to opportunity.

The Hedland community is safe, welcoming, and vibrant. There is a sense of pride and respect for all members of the community and for the town’s diverse cultures and history. Hedland offers significant local employment and business opportunities that attract and retain community members.

Opportunity: We believe in providing every community member access to the experiences, resources and support that allow them to flourish, particularly those that face barriers to opportunity.

Unity: We believe that by joining our minds and resources we can improve community cohesion and build a stronger Hedland.

Resourcefulness: We believe that there are significant assets to be leveraged in the community, and that we can do more with existing resources by improving communication and alignment.

Collaboration: We believe that when we work together we create positive results that no one organisation or individual could do alone.

Our Land, Our Location

Located in Western Australia’s striking North West, Port Hedland is a vibrant and diverse town, covering 11,844 square kilometres, Hedland is the second largest town in the Pilbara region located approximately 1,800km north of Perth.

We are home to around 14,000 people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. Our original inhabitants, the Kariyarra people, call the place Marapikurrinya for the hand shaped formation of the tidal creeks coming off the natural harbour.

Our lifestyle is relaxed and our location on the ocean provides for a variety of leisure activities. Our two main residential centres, Port and South Hedland, offer a range of community services including cultural, recreation and shopping facilities.

Local industrial area’s contain a variety of light and service industry premises and shipping facilities are features synonymous with our rugged landscape, along with the expanded port facilities.

We are proud to be the world’s largest bulk export port with Pilbara Ports Authority recording a record annual tonnage throughput of 519.3 million tonnes in 2017/18.

Our role is well established on the national and international stage, attracting internationally prominent resource companies and contributing at a nationally recognised level to the broader Australian economy.*

*Sourced from the Town of Port Hedland