Collective Impact

We believe that by working together in collaboration, greater outcomes may be achieved than what is possible when individuals, organisations or systems work alone.

Collective Impact is a collaborative framework that involves a number of sectors and groups who share common interests and goals, that address complex social issues within the community. Hedland Collective is organised into working groups that address the key identified priorities.

Working groups consist of representatives from participating organisations and are led by a working group chair. The Steering Committee provides strategic oversight for the Collective and is composed of representatives from industry, government, and community organisations. The coordinator plays the backbone role, supporting the working groups and steering committee to make progress on identified priorities.

The initiative understands and embraces the importance of evaluating and learning from its work. To this end, Hedland Collective will establish specific metrics that indicate progress towards the long-term vision. Future working group meetings will be used to develop these specific metrics for each body of work according to the 2018 priorities listed in the near-term strategies of each focus area.

For more information on collective impact approach, visit the Collective Impact Forum